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Attosecond Spectroscopy


Attosecond pulses are produced by nonlinear-optical high-harmonic generation of focused few-cycle phase-stabilized femtosecond laser light in a rare gas target. These pulses are used to illuminate the quantum dynamics and correlated motion of electrons in various systems, including atoms, molecules, clusters and nanoparticles.

See also: Leone group, attosecond dynamics in atoms/molecules and semiconductors

Molecules studied:

atoms (He, Kr, Xe), diatomics (N2, IBr, O2), fundamental organic systems (alkyl bromides and iodides), and solid materials (Si, Ge)

Information obtained:

Time-resolved wavefunctions of electrons

Project members:

James Gaynor

Yen-Cheng Lin

Nicolette Puskar

Recent publications:

♦ "State-selective probing of CO2 autoionizing inner valence Rydberg states with attosecond extreme ultraviolet four-wave-mixing spectroscopy" A. P. Fidler, Y. C. Lin, J. D. Gaynor, C. W. McCurdy, S. R. Leone, R. R. Lucchese, D. M. Neumark Phys. Rev. A 106, 063525 (2022). pdf

♦ "Conical intersection and coherent vibrational dynamics in alkyl iodides captured by attosecond transient absorption spectroscopy" K. F. Chang, H. Wang, S. M. Poullain, J. Gonzalez-Vasque L. Banares, D. Prendergast, D. M. Neumark, S. R. Leone J. Chem. Phys 156, 114304 (2022). pdf

♦ "Theoretical analysis of the role of complex transition dipole phase in XUV transient-absorption probing of charge migration" Y. Kobayashi, D. M. Neumark, S. R. Leone Optics Express 30 5673 (2022). pdf

♦ "Solid state core-exciton dynamics in NaCl observed by tabletop attosecond four-wave mixing spectroscopy" J. Gaynor, A. P. Fidler, Y. -C. Lin, H. T. Chang, D. M. Neumark, S. R. Leone Phys. Rev. B 103, 245140 (2021). pdf

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