The Neumark Group

Department of Chemistry, University of California Berkeley
and Chemical Science Division, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Slow photoelectron velocity-map imaging spectroscopy

Fast beam translational spectroscopy

Femtosecond Time-resolved photoelectron imaging

Molecular beam reactive scattering and photodissociation

Spectroscopy and dynamics in helium droplets

Attosecond spectroscopy

Spectroscopy and dynamics in liquid microjets

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Current Neumark Group Members

Principal Investigator:

Dan Neumark (Curriculum Vitae)

Graduate Students:

Mark Babin (2016-*)

Kristina Chang (2016-*)

Hung-Tzu Chang (2015-*)

Jessalyn DeVine (2014-*)

Blake Erickson (2016-*)

Ashley Fidler (2015-*)

Marieke Jager (2012-*)

Chris Kaplan (2014-*)

Yuki Kobayashi (2015-*)

Alice Kunin (2014-*)

Isaac Ramphal (2015-*)

Andrew Ross (2016-*)

Catherine Saladrigas (2016-*)

Mark Shapero (2012-*)

Erin Sullivan (2015-*)

Erika Warrick (2012-*)

Holly Williams (2012-*)

Postdoctoral Fellows:

Peter Kraus (2016-*)

Hugo Marroux (2017-*)

Bethan Nichols (2015-*)

Michael Zurch (2016-*)


Madeleine Breshears (2017-*)